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Bath Oil
Bath Oil
Roots and Crowns CBD

Bath Oil

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CBD bath products are all the rage out there, because skin is our largest organ- so clearly bathing in CBD is an efficient method of delivering the helpful properties of CBD to the whole body! 

Many CBD bath products on the market are single use (such as bath bombs), so I decided to make a bath oil concentrate that you can mix with any bath salts you have before adding to your bathwater. 

This bottle contains 10 baths worth of CBD, at 50mg per bath! A great deal. 

CBD baths have been helpful for extra stressful days, a body that's experiencing pain, or if someone is looking for a hefty dose of relaxation. 

The Bath Oil is tried and true, a great gift for bath-lovers of all sorts. 

Ingredients: Locally sourced hemp extract, rose, calendula, grape-seed oil, essential oil blend.

Comes in a 30ml. violet glass bottle. 

Please note: the bath soaks visible in the product photo are sold separately! You may find them at